We believe that it is our duty to put our students’ health and well-being first, as well as that of all school employees. Furthermore, we understand possible exposure of students and staff to COVID-19 in our school environments can lead to the increased exposure of parents, guardians, caregivers, and the community at large. Please adhere to the Stay-at-Home Executive Order issued by Governor Newsom.

LOOK---> President's Update

Look ---> President's Update 7/24/2020

SWTA Counter Proposal- August 4, 2020

SWTA Counter Proposal-August 17, 2020

District Counter Proposal- August 17, 2020 

Bargaining Issues-Setting the Record Straight mp4 pdf 

SWTA Initial Safety Proposal Oct. 26, 2020

Right now we all want to have the most accurate and reliable information, not rumors. These sites are a good starting place.

Sites to follow for updates:

California Teacher Association- COVID-19 page

South Bay Union School District
– COVID-19 page
-School closure information
-Free meals for students while schools are closed
-Instructional continuity resources and activities for your student
-Latest updates regarding COVID-19 and SBUSD 

San Diego County Department of Health – COVID-19 page
-Social distancing requirements
-Daily updates 

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom – press releases

California Schools VEBA – Coronavirus Member Information & Updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I allowed to communicate with students while schools are closed?

A. Checking in with students regularly to ease anxiety and support their ongoing learning while at home is great. As always, adhere to the SBUSD code of conduct with students, which includes no in-person meetings with individual students.

Q. Am I expected to prepare lessons for my students?

A. No, the District has provided a centralized source of educational enrichment opportunities for our students during the closure. As this closure may be extended, we anticipate the need for some distance learning/teaching–the details of which would still have to be worked out.

Q. Could the district ask us to provide instruction to students online or remotely via web-based technology?

A. SWTA and SBUSD are currently negotiating an MOU that will address any distance/online learning directives that may arise in the future; however, the district is not currently requiring anyone to provide any sort of direct instruction to students online or remotely.

Q. Can I go to my class/office when schools are closed?

A. No, the District does not want staff going back on campus.

Q. Will SWTA members be paid during this closure?

A. Yes, regular contract unit members will be paid. 

Q. Do Guest Teachers have the ability to collect unemployment during this time?

A. Yes, they do, especially day-to-day Guest Teachers.

Q. Will we be required to work as emergency response workers?

A. There are no current plans to direct members to work as emergency responders. However, we are looking at ways we can all be helpful during this crisis, including ways to safely volunteer.

Q. Will our students have access to school-provided food during this closure?

A. The District will have drive-through locations for students to receive meals. Visit the District website for an updated list of locations and hours.